[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Sun May 29 22:46:42 PDT 2005

>> [GM]
>> "I don't know much, sir, save for the town here." the boy says.  "We 
>> mainly
>> do a lot of trade with England and the NGR.  I know that beyond the city,
>> the land becomes strange and dangerous, and the faerie folk are not as...
>> well behaved.  The few men who dare go far into the country side have 
>> said,
>> of late, that there have been strange disturbances.  Old Carper, my dad's
>> uncle, says he was out hunting on the old West Road and say a caravan 
>> going
>> heading towards the other side of the island, lead by a tall, white-faced
>> man.  Says the man gave him the chills.  And there have been strange 
>> people
>> asking questions of late..."
>> He stammers and turns away, seeming afraid to say anymore.
>> [/GM]
> [Kyle]
> "Don't worry lad you don't have to say anything.."  Kyle thinks for a few 
> seconds.  "I do like chocolate, do you know where we can get some my shout."
> If he says yes Kyle will try and get a little more info taking a less direct 
> approach with his questions.
> [/Kyle]

The boy nods in agreement.  "Zast's Ice Cream is the best, Sir!"  The boy
grabs Kyle by the hand and leads him down to a small, stone building that
contains a confectionary shop.

The boy seems to ease up as he eats his ice cream.  "These strangers always
appear at dusk, come into the pubs and sit around.  My dad and my brother
say that they are asking for somebody called Frost.  They never buy
anything, but always leave a shiny gold coin.  No one would attack our town,
but now the Harbor Master is on edge, which is why you treated that way.  Do
you know anything about this Frost person?"

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