[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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> "This place gives me the creeps." Lena says.  "Are you sure this is the way
> that lizard guy went, Mr. Jones?  You know what I'd like?  To hole up for
> the night and continue on in the morning.  You could miss your own hand in
> this fog."
> As if one queue, a gust of wind blows the mists beyond the pillars to
> shreds, revealing a stone path and what appears to be a half-collapsed stone
> house.  A small tower can be seen just beyond it when the wind ends and the
> mists return.
> "What of this?" Phaeton asks.  "The girl is right, and this place certainly
> looks abandoned.  I am tired myself.  Or we can go on.  What say the rest of
> you?"
"Please, ma'am -- call me Bongo," Bongo says to Lena with a grin.   "Mr. 
Jones sounds a bit too lofty for a Dog Boy."

He frowns as he looks over the path ahead.   "I'm not excited about losing 
more time on Griz... but it's likely he would have had to stop for the night 
too.   Let's go ahead and hunker down tonight; I can put the rest to good use and 
do a bit more astral scouting of the area."

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