[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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   Derek McCullough wrote:

 > OOC SOrry for being so unattentive lately... life is attacking me
 > hardcore.
 > [Arden]
 > He looks around at the dark landscape and shrugs. "We do need to rest
 > sometime, and this seems as good of a place as any. If we do stay, we
 > need to set up some sort of watch rotation and a permime..." He trails
 > off, looking around at all the military personnel. He coughs and
 > grins. "Well, if there are no objections... let's get to it." He looks
 > around, seeking approval.
 > [/Arden]
Alex looks at the time to see how much daylight that is left before
replying, "I have trained extensively in night maneuvers. I will follow
the concensus of the group but I think a wiser choice might be to travel
as long as possible to get as much distance as possible from our friends
behind us.

ooc: Alex has tried a variety of tricks to hide their path including
crossing streams and walking backwalks on their path and jumping off the
path to iude tracks further.

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