[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

Brenton Bartholom abbart at iqconnect.net.au
Tue Oct 18 13:45:35 PDT 2005

> [GM]
> Lady Frost leads the way through the pillars, and despite some mutterings
> from Lena that dark things must surely wait on the other side, nothing
> stirs.
> Phaeton eyes the stone house and tower now coming into view again.  "I will
> check out this house, if a couple of you will come with me.  The rest of you
> should check the parameter.  Alex, Kyle and Bongo, I gather you all have
> military experience.  Perhaps you should, as Masters Arden and Talas has
> suggested, set up some sort of perimeter."
> Phaeton awaits the answers of the rest of the company.
> [/GM]

"Right I will get started on a perimeter."  Kyle will get as many noise 
makers as possible including non-explosive things then will set up some 
trip traps on the most likely approaches to our camp in the hope that if 
any one does come after us we will at least get a bit of a warning.

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