[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Fri Oct 21 22:31:19 PDT 2005

> [GM]
> Phaeton eyes the stone house and tower now coming
> into view again.  "I will
> check out this house, if a couple of you will come
> with me.  The rest of you
> should check the parameter.  Alex, Kyle and Bongo, I
> gather you all have
> military experience.  Perhaps you should, as Masters
> Arden and Talas has
> suggested, set up some sort of perimeter."
> Phaeton awaits the answers of the rest of the
> company.
> [/GM]
Talas will fallow Phaenton into the stone house. And
then, in the room that seems the best for hunkering
down for the night, he will draw a circle of
protection that encompasses the entire floor of that


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