[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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Lady  Frost thinks for a moment.  "If Bongo can check ahead with  his
abilities, then we won't lose Griz after all.  None of us has had  much
sleep.  I'll take first watch, and Kyle can do it with me.   Then we'll say
Osiris and Phaeton for the next, Rod and Alex for the one  after that and
Talas and Arden after that.  At two hours each that  should get us through
the night.  Bongo, if you'll do your magic, or  whatever you call it, then
you can get some sleep."

"For the record, ma'am, it's not magic -- it's a psychic ability," Bongo  
replies with a slight chuckle.  "My background wasn't exactly the most  conducive 
for learning magical talents."
Once the group gets settled in, Bongo will astral project and scout the  
surrounding countryside and try to get a lock on Griz' whereabouts.
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