[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 27 19:50:20 PDT 2005

> The top of the stairs, a rather dizzying sixty feet
> up end at a wooden
> door that, strangely, is not burned.  There are a
> few slight dints and
> one small scorch mark, though the stone beside the
> door is blackened
> with soot.  There are some faint symbols on the
> door, which Rod
> recognizes as some sort of wizard symbols.  There is
> no keyhole, nor
> door ring or knob.
> "I am uncomfortable about sleeping in or near a
> house with a door like
> this." Phaeton murmurs.
Talas turns to rod and says "Mr. Black can you sence
any inchantment on the walls surounding this door?"
"For if not I woukd sujest that we ask Mr. Bongo to
send his satrel form through the wall to see what lays
on the other side."


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