[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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Bongo meditates and soon his ghostly form rises up and out of  site. 
Even to Bongo's astral form this mist is to thick to see.  Soon  he is
above it and looking on a world of white below and a sky of  darkness
and stars above.  His astral senses become keener and he is  able to
see the fog had shape, dipping where the gully is and rising on  the
hillside.  Little else can be seen from this altitude however,  and
Bongo heads down.

He follows the track that had lead them to the  stone house.  It keeps
to the top of the gully for several miles  before ending abruptly at
the edge of a cliff.  Far below can be heard  the roar of a river. 
Across the gully is a jagged tooth of stone that must  rise hundreds
feet in the air.  Beyond it is the other cliff  wall.  This rock
actually juts right out of the middle of the gully,  as if it had been
stabbed into the floor of the canyon.

There seems  to be no way across for material beings save flying. 
Bongo rises up until  the hills are below, hidden in mist.  Still the
jagged rock rises some  three hundred feet, a narrow stone path hugging
to the stone walls of this  peculiar rock.

Finally reaching the top Bongo sees a platform, not more  than twenty
feet across, with a small crudely-shapen stone house that looks  like
four large rocks put together for walls with a larger stone placed  on
top as a roof.  The entrance is no more than three feet across  by
about three feet high, dug under the rock wall.  The glow of a  fire
can be seen.

Bongo passes through the stone tentatively, and  there sees the lizard
man Griz bowing before the flames.  Griz is  chanting "Kuzah kalah
mizal dezoth nimur" over and over as he throws flecks  of some white
powder into the fire.  Soon a figure appears, shaky at  first, but
becoming clearer.  It is the pale man, the demon that they  had fought
on the ship, and his eyes are burning redder than the  fire.

"It is I, Lord of the K'murd-faka." Griz says, lowering his  head.  "I
have done as you instructed and I have brought the wanderers  into the
Land of Mists as your message  commanded."

A scowl spreads across Bongo's astral muzzle.  He immediately zooms  back to 
his physical body where he 'comes to' with a sharp breath. 
Looking around at the others, he lets out a soft growl.  "We've been  had, 
everyone.  Griz is working for that pale-skinned monstrosity we met on  the boat 
-- who apparently told our little scaly friend to lead us here."
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