[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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> [Alex]
> Alex thinks the best idea is to retreat although will give backup if
> needed.
> [/Alex]

> [Talas]
> With the Robot gone and all hell breaking out around them, Talas calls out
> to Lady Frost "We need to get out of here Lady Frost! And Mr. Ted and I
> need you to show us the way!" Talas stops in his tracks hoping that Lady
> Frost will fall back.
> [/Talas]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man looks for the vehicles.
> [/Ted]

Other than the CS vehicles coming at you, nothing but wrecks that haven't
been drivable for a few centuries.

> [Kyle]
> Kyle sees the Sky Cycle hit Lena and shakes his head in sorrow.  Knowing
> that fighting now will do no one any good he gets his SAMAS low and uses
> the ensuing pandemonium for make a run for it.  He swears to him self
> "Damn the stupidity she didn't have to die I had in under control."
> Kyle will clear the area then attempt to regroup with the party if is is 
> safe to do so.
> [/Kyle]

> [Lady Frost]
> "Lena!"  People dying wasn't new to Frost, she'd already had a couple of
> new lessons while here.  But this was different.
> She had caused it.
> Apparently Kyle had things under control.  But how could she have known
> that.  She didn't have any way of listening to what he was saying.  HER
> comms were centuries out of date, and nobody had another set anyhow.  If
> she had listened to Talas, everyone would be fine.
> So, for moments after Lena's cry had faded and the Enforcer crashed to the
> ground, Frost just stood holding the pavement.
> When she did move it was with a rage that few people ever saw.  She only
> said one thing in answer to the others.
> "Follow Rod."
> Hefting the pavement up to give herself a clear view, she launches it in
> an arc intended to crush the offending skycycle pilot's head.
> Then she turns and runs full speed towards those soldiers on the ground
> with vengeance in her eyes.
> [/Lady Frost]

"What the?" Rod cries out as he runs like the devil.  He turns and shouts
at Lady Frost, "There's no time!"  He curses loudly and starts running

Lady Frost's pavement flies into the air, by the Sky Cycle pilot easily
dodges it and it crashes to the round.  The soldiers, looking a little
surprised, pause for a moment but then prepare to open fire...

> [Talas]
> After hearing the anger in Frost's voice, Talas two thoughts run through
> his head Dame hot headed youth. And Keep your friends close and your
> enemies closer. As soon as Lady Frost starts running, Talas turns to Ted
> "Mr. Ted You heard Lady Frost. Please get Arden to safety." Talas then
> turns and goes after Lady Frost, thinking someone has to make sure she
> comes back from this alive.
> [/Talas]

> [Ted]
> "I  hear and obey," the lizard man replies in a monontone voice. He
> returns to the fallen elf, picks him up and follows the others toward the
> vehicles. All the while, he wonders silently who put the Ice Queen in
> charge.
> [/Ted]

Even as Ted turns to run he suddenly feels a splitting headache thatdoubles
him over.  the others see Ted and Arden go down.

Meanwhile the fire continues.  A large hit strikes in front of Rod, and the
ground suddenly opens up.  Still holding on to Phaeton with one arm, he
scrabbles vainly at the pavement, but in a moment he disappears into the
bowels of Old Chicago, crying out "Goddamnitttttttt!

As the rest of the company runs down the road, they see a rusted sign in the
distance that reads "McGuane Park", and remember Frost's words that they
ought to make for it.

Bongo's ears make out the approach of more Skycycles, and possibly something
bigger.  It appears that reinforcements are on the way.

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