[Taocow PBEM] [Ted] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago (Private)

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> > > [Ted]
> > > "I  hear and obey," the lizard man replies in a monontone voice. He
> > > returns to the fallen elf, picks him up and follows the others toward the
> > > vehicles. All the while, he wonders silently who put the Ice Queen in
> > > charge.
> > > [/Ted]
> >
> > [GM]
> > Even as Ted turns to run he suddenly feels a splitting headache thatdoubles
> > him over.  the others see Ted and Arden go down.
> > [/GM]
> [GM]
> The pain in Ted's head intensifies, and he feels as if he's falling,
> and the falling seems to go on for an eternity.  Images race around
> him, and gradually he senses that they are pieces of his journies, and
> of that of friends, acquaintances and even enemies.
> Suddenly he finds himself lying on a verdent green lawn, with flowers
> of undescribable colors all around.  Apples trees can be seen in the
> distance, thick with fruit.  The sun hangs low in the sky, and seems
> much too big for Earth's.  As Ted turns, he sees Arden lying still,
> his face glowing and a look of peace and majesty upon him.
> "Alas, but he could not complete his quest." a lilting female voice
> says behind Ted. He turns to see a woman of exquisite beauty and
> grace, long dark hair, dark skin, piercing brown eyes, wearing white
> robes and a golden ring on her finger that seems to burn with its own
> internal fire.
> "Welcome Ted Smythe." she says.  "We have matters of great import to
> discuss, and things that you will not like so much, I am afraid."
> She offers Ted a hand, and with the other beckons to a small stone
> table where two tall glasses of some golden substance stand.
> [/GM]

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