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Fri Dec 1 15:39:15 GMT 2006

OOC:  Can Frost answer?  Can she act at all?
'losing her will' is a fairly vague description...

And for the record, I was trying to not get that close
before they let Phaeton loose.
Suppose I'll have to find a way to make up for it
My mistake for not checking the emails more often, but
nobody was posting very fast.....

--- kitsuneFX <kitsunefx at netzero.net> wrote:

> Aaron Clausen wrote:
> >[GM]
> >Phaeton shakes his head.  "No." he groans.
> >
> >As Lady Frost approaches, the creature smiles
> broadly, revealing a
> >mouth missing half its teeth.  There's a palpable
> energy in the air,
> >and everyone's skin begins to crawl.
> >
> >A booming voice begins to laugh.  "The key is mine!
>  Now nothing will
> >stop me.  Bow to me, Frost.  Bow to me and save
> your friends."
> >
> >Suddenly, standing there in white robes, the
> pale-faced demon with the
> >red eyes; the dreaded K'murd Faka. In his left hand
> he holds a severed
> >head, severely burned, but still recognizable as
> that of Kyle.
> >
> >The demon tosses it towards the company.  "A little
> gift, to show my
> >goodwill."  With that, the demon begins approaching
> Frost, parting his
> >robes to reveal a glowing amulet.  Despite herself,
> Frost feels
> >herself getting lost in its light, her will slowly
> being swept away.
> >[/GM]
> >
> [Alex]
> Trained to find cover, the scout jumps for the cover
> as quick as she 
> can. This whole situation is bad. It started out bad
> and is just getting 
> worse. Still, a soldier does not abandon her
> companions and fellow 
> soldiers. It is simple loyalty. She yells out, "Lady
> Frost, is 
> everything alright?"
> [/Alex]
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