[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond...

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Wed Feb 1 14:29:24 PST 2006

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> > 
> > [GM]
> > 
> > Arden then goes limp.  The voices are getting
> > closer.
> > [/GM]
> > 
> [Lady Frost]
> Two and two make four.  In other words, Frost adds
> up
> the situation fast and picks up Arden off the floor.
> Glancing around she quickly heads for the nearest
> decent concealment, motioning to the others as she
> moves.
> "Where's Doc Brown when you need him.   Hide dammit.
> You really don't want to find yourself down here. 
> And
> I mean that literally."
> Her words carry to the others, but are far more
> silent
> then she typically is.  She clearly doesn't want
> those
> approaching to hear her.
> [/Lady Frost]
Talas takes cover were he can find it. Then wispers to
Lady frost "Lady Frost do you Know were we?"
Still wispering "Lizard man I do not know how strong
you are, but if we need to run Let my take my
kins-man. HIs wight will but a fether to me."


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