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Exasperated, Frost quickly, but quietly, moves out
towards the  others.  With frightening ease, she picks
up Kyle, SAMAS armor and  all, and moves back into

"For cripes sake, That's  us!"  She whispers.  "Doesn't
this place look familiar to you  guys?  We were here,
we are here, we're heading down under old Chicago  with
Pierre right now."  
She points down the passageway towards  the approaching

Setting Kyle down she frantically gestures  for the
others to get out of sight.  "If we meet ourselves
down  here, there's no telling what sort of damage
we'll do to the  timelines."

"Bongo, can you prevent your other self from sensing
us  mentally?"

Bongo shakes his head.  "Not outside of simply being as quiet as  possible... 
nobody make a sound or even THINK about anything... let's hope I'm  not being 
all that observant at the moment."
He ducked into a dark corner and tried to still his mind as much as  
possible.  If Frost was right, and those approaching were really  themselves, then 
maybe they'd have a slight chance.  The past version of  himself might mistake 
their present versions' scents for their own and not think  anything's amiss.
Of course, it _would_ be their luck to run into themselves.  Bongo's  last 
thought as he tried to still his mind as much as possible was that he  REALLY 
didn't want to have to explain to St. Pierre or Osiris why they weren't  among 
the present group.
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