[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond...

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> [Ted]
> OOC: If I may interject...
> IC: "She is right. I am not from here and I know
> nothing about this Vimakardu," the lizard man
> states, "in fact, I would really like an explanation
> before I follow you any further."
> [/Ted]
> [Lady Frost]
> For long moments Frost just watched the passage that
> their other selves had disappeared into.   She
> wanted to warn them so badly she actually took a
> step to follow them before catching herself and
> stopping.  Her mind told her that it wouldn't help
> and would probably
> make things worse.   That really didn't make her
> feel any better about it.
> They'd lost Pierre in leaving here, and lost Osiris
> in returning.
> She was starting to hate this new version of
> Chicago.
> When she did speak, it was in subdued tones.  Like
> she'd just been chastised with a rolled up
> newspaper. 
> "Leave him be.  He's not from this time any more
> than I am.  He's not a spy and I doubt he knows
> anything more than we do about Vimakardu."
> At that she put her back to the nearest wall and
> slid down it into a sitting position.  She'd just
> wait for the others to figure out where they were
> going, right now she was done with thinking.  She
> hoped.
> [/Lady Frost]
> [Bongo]
> "Frost, there are times I absolutely _hate_ your
> being right... but now certainly isn't one of those
> times," Bongo grunts as he sat down beside her to
> catch his breath and regain his bearings.  Almost
> absent-mindedly, he starts pointing around with
> Osiris' scroll as he thought out loud.
> "Well, that at least proves we're back to our normal
> place in the time line..." he pauses for a moment as
> his gaze catches Frost's face.  "Well, for most of
> us anyway.  Sorry."
> He thinks for a moment more and continues, pointing
> in the direction their other selves had come. 
> "Fortunately we already know what's back _that_ way,
> and maybe with a little luck we can eventually get
> back to our stolen hover truck and bug out for
> someplace with a significantly lower
> Coalition-to-adventurer ratio."
> Finally noticing the scroll he's been using as a
> pointer, he unrolls it to take a look.  "Now, let's
> see what Osiris' parting gift is about..."
> [/Bongo]
> [Ted]
> Ted lowered Arden carefully to the ground. All of
> this seemed so strange, but certain pieces seemed to
> fit. He must be in the same time line as the
> vampires of Mexico, but now it looked like he was
> underneath Chicago with a group of strangers on some
> quest.
> "Would some one mind filling me on what is going
> on?" he asked at last, "Who is Vimakardu? In fact,
> who are you guys?"
> [/Ted]
Talas puts his pistol away and then says "Before Mr.
Ted has what is happening explained to him. I ask two
questions. Were and when are we? And please do not
tell me that we are in a different time. Because if
that is the case, then I have just lost any chance of
going back for my horse." And then he turns to Ted
"Second... Mr. Ted how did you come to be with us?"


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