[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond...

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> [Talas]
> Talas turns to Ted. Scans him from head to toe and
> back again. And then speaks "Alright Mr. Ted. You
> tell me how you came to be in our company and where
> you came from. And I will answer your question to
> the best of my ability."
> [/Talas]
> [Ted]
> "I got caught in a storm of some sort. The next
> thing I knew, I was a prisoner of some Lord
> Kurd-something, so I escaped and that when I find
> the SAMAS over there," Ted explained, "When they
> started shelling us, I followed you into that
> tower."
> He motions toward Lady Frost. "I know her name, but
> who are the rest of you?"
> [/Ted]
After listening to Ted’s story Talas says “Very well
Mr. Ted, you will need to tell us what you can about
this lord you found your-self in the service of. But
for now,” Talas points towards Bongo, “The wolfen
sitting next to Lady Frost is Mr. Bongo, The Gentleman
in the power armor is Mr. Kyle, this young woman is
lady Alex, The small gentleman there is Mr. Rod, the
person you just put down is Mr. Arden, The gentleman
with the tattoos is Mr. Phaenton. 
The man we left
behind was 
 Is Mr. Osiris. And I am Talas


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