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>> [GM]
>> As Lady Frost peaks around the corner she sees a distressingly familiar
>> sight.  Walking down the hall, a horrible grin on its face, is a short,
>> blue-skinned humanoid with large solid red eyes, three slits for a nose, and
>> two rows of shiny metallic fangs in its round mouth.  It seems to be talking
>> to someone in a low murmur, though nothing can be seen.
>> [/GM]
>> [Bongo]
>> "Holy frag on a stick... not _him_ again," Bongo whispers, suddenly wishing
>> he was holding a much bigger gun.  "What's the play, folks?"
>> [/Bongo]
> [Rod]
> "It's only one of them." Rod says, thumbing his TK-hammer.  "Though I
> think they might have some psychic contact with their master.  You
> know, that whatever-the-hell-it-is that Frost doesn't like too much."
> [/Rod]

"I do not know this creature." Phaeton says.  "Is it powerful?"

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