[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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[Lady  Frost]
"...Bongo needs to fly now."
[/Lady Frost]

Ted  pulls himself to his feet and shakes off the blow Arden had given
him. Then  he looks around the cabin.

OOC: If there is a door that separates the  cabin from the rest of the
craft, Ted will close it. Then, if there is a  seat available, he will
set down next to Bongo and ask if he needs any  assistance.

OOC: This of course is all based on the assumption that Frost and Angelica  
succeed in wrestling Arden away from him...
"Thanks," Bongo mutters as the two ladies drag Arden off of him.  "Now  
everyone strap yourselves in and pray to whoever that I'm about to become the  
greatest hover-truck pilot that ever lived!"
He grips the controls and does his best to avoid both crashing and being  
pulverized by the Death's Head's weaponry.
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