[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 05:32:05 BST 2006

>> [GM]
>> Ted man's the the sensors, and sees Kyle's SAMAS in the distance 
>> with a couple of Skycyles farther off.  Suddenly the sensors go 
>> crazy. Something very big and bird-shaped is directly above the 
>> hovercraft.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man's eyes go wide. "Uh... Bongo. Now is the time to do 
> something REALLY impressive."
> [/Ted]

> [Bongo]
> "Gee, thanks..." Bongo grunts as he fights the controls.  "Right now
> though, 'REALLY impressive' means crashing gently enough so we stand
> a slim chance of survival!"
> He visually scans the area ahead to see if there are any other spots
> where he can "safely crash" into some sort of cover, as the overpass
> he was making for may no longer be an option.
> [/Bongo]

Bongo searches the surroundings for any cover he can reach.  The only 
possibilities seem to be a shopping mall of some kind with a good 
portion of the roof still intact, and a bit beyond it a heavily forested 
strip of land that looks to have grown out of McGuane Park, which Ted, 
Alex and Angelica had left a few minutes before.

Above, the white-skinned man steers the pterodactyl beneath the hover 
vehicle.  The rest of the company sees its massive shape pass over the 
front window.  Angelica can see clearly from her vantage point as the 
man raises an enormous blood red sword with runes gleaming brilliant 
yellow.  A bolt of yellow fury is unleashed, piercing the hover vehicle 
and passing through.

Inside, the rest of the company sees the bolt as it passes through, 
leaving a three foot hole right beside Ted.  The hover vehicle suddenly 
plunges a good thirty feet before the jets can compensate.  In the back, 
Osiris's horse is going insane, kicking at the walls and neighing madly.

Kyle sees the pale-skinned demon attacking his comrades.  Ignoring the 
Skycycles, he punches it and opens fire with all he's got.  He hits the 
pterodactyl with his railgun, but it has little effect on the creature.

It does have an effect on the demon, however.  Turning away from hover 
craft, he raises the sword at Kyle and fires, ripping through one of the 
SAMAS wings.  The demon turns back to the craft, and now energies 
crackle around him as he seems to prepare an even mightier blast.  In 
the distance a leyline nexus can be seen dimming slightly as the demon 
draws energy from it.

Kyle fights to keep airborne, pushing his thrusters as far as they can 
go, and shoots towards the demon.

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