[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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[Lady  Frost]

"Nice of him to make this hole right where I can get
at  it.  Hey Bongo, aim for the snowbank."

Quickly moving over to the  rended metal where the
demon's blast went through, Frost begins climbing  up
and partway out the hole so she has a clear view of
their  path.

As she does so she unleashes a barrage of hardened
iceballs at  the underside of the Pterodactyl and the
parts of the rider she can  see.  Was she really
shooting iceballs at a dinosaur??

She  doesn't really expect her powers to affect the
critters, but even  distracting it enough to let Kyle
get in a solid hit would be  enough.

Then she could focus on her original plan, which was
putting  a large amount of snow on the ground wherever
Bongo planned to set them  down.  That would hopefully
cushion the impact enough to not kill them  all.

Even with her new-found durability, she wasn't
relishing the  idea of crash landing at these speeds.

[/Lady  Frost]

"I got a better idea -- put the snowbank where it looks like we're gonna  
crash -- because we're about to crash there!"
Between the Coalition and the demon, Bongo figures a crash is  unavoidable at 
this point.  The vehicle had now become little more  than a rather large 
coffin falling through the air.
Bongo works the controls like crazy, trying to coax every last bit of  
maneuverability out of the vehicle that he can in order to make the crash as  surv
ivable as possible.
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