[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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Tue Jul 25 16:45:47 BST 2006

The ex-Coalition ranger helps the others to their feet. It is better to 
die on your feet than your knees in her opinion even though she is not a 
particularly brave type. She looks out the window to see if there is any 
way to escape.

Suddenly, Alex comes up with an idea. She does not think that it it 
likely to work but a fools chance is better than no chance. She turns 
her radio to the coalition frequency and calls, "Sergeant Stryker, 
Special Forces Number 4325, under attack at coordinates 5674 by 1258 
(ooc: Coordinants on the other side of Chicago), there is some kind of 
rift open and demons are pouring out." She will then just break 
transmission. (ooc: In some cases teams will transmit in the clear in 
full emegencies in emergency condition during modern combat, likely it 
will continue)

Aaron Clausen wrote:

> [GM]
> As the hover vehicle makes its final plunge towards the buildings at
> the end of the block, Lady Frost lets loose a veritable blizzard of
> snow.  It coats the road and the sides of the buildings in several
> feet of snow.
> At the same time Bongo makes a final attempt to slow the vehicle down
> and angle it into Frost's snow bank.  With only seconds to spare,
> Bongo manages what seems almost impossible.
> Still, it's a jarring crash.  The undercarriage of the hover vehicle
> digs through the snow, hitting pavement and screeching like a dying
> beast.  The thrusters whine before being torn off.  Though it seems
> like an eternity for the passengers, the hover vehicle comes to rest
> only a few seconds after impact.
> Injuries are slight [OOC: No more than a few SDC], but everyone is
> pretty rattled.  Osiris's horse has gone completely mad, and smashes
> down the back door and bolts outside, running down the street and
> neying madly.
> Bongo's sensitive ears pick up the sound of hover vehicles.  Clearly
> they are still searching for the hover vehicle, and it won't take them
> too long to zero in on the crash sight.
> [/GM]

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
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