[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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[Lady  Frost]

"Bongo, if you have a master plan, now would be a good
time  to use it."

Looking out the windows, Frost noted again that  the
designs of the CS vehicles were meant to instill fear.
And she still  wasn't impressed.

The fact that those vessels could blow their  transport
out of the sky, that impressed her... and worried  her.

[/Lady Frost]

"You want a master plan?  Okay, I got a master plan..." Bongo growls  as he 
jinks the hover vehicle frantically from side to side to keep the CS  
reinforcements from getting a clear shot.  "Everybody not already on board  GETS on 
board, and we high-tail it out of here!"
He swings by one last time to where the others are apparently engrossed  with 
something more important than survival, then growls even worse.   "Alright, 
let's see if we can at least shake 'em long enough..."
He abruptly turns the truck around and speeds away in the general direction  
of any kind of low-hanging cover that they can duck under or otherwise use to  
throw the Death's Head and company off their trail.
OOC: Picture your typical Autobots vs. Decepticons urban battle, and that's  
essentially Bongo's wild idea.
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