[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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Again Arden manages to avoid capture, diving beneath Lady  Frost.
He grabs the stick from Bongo, intent on piloting the hover  vehicle,
and the vehicle suddenly begins a downward dive, with an altitude  of
only a couple of hundred feet!  There are only seconds to make  a
correction, and a crazed Elf tussling with the pilot, and the stick
is  in his hand!

Kyle, working to catch with his comrades, sees the  hovercraft go into
a sudden, and rather precipitous nose dive.

Back  in the hover craft, everyone not braced or buckled in suddenly
finds  themselves falling towards the front of the vehicle.  The horse
is  neighing insanely with fright.

"What the -- ?!  HEY!!!  I'm the only one who gets to drive this  thing!!!"  
Bongo yelps in surprise as Arden wrests control of the truck  away from him.  
"Frost!  Ted!  Osiris!  Get this  pointy-eared nutcase off me before he gets 
us all fragged!"
He attempts to land a furry punch on Arden's jaw, hoping to knock the elf  
out -- or at the least, dislodge him from the controls long enough for the  
others to drag him back into the back.
OOC: Can't remember for sure and can't get to my character sheet right now,  
but I think Bongo's got both Boxing and Wrestling.
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