[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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"i've had enough!" Angelica takes flight yet again and grabbs Arden by the 
back of his pants and flies upward with him, fallowing the rest of the 
group. "This oughta keep you from being disruptive for awile."


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>> > [GM]
>> > Back in the hover craft, everyone not braced or buckled
>> > in suddenly finds themselves falling towards the front of
>> > the vehicle.  The horse is neighing insanely with fright.
>> > [/GM]
>>"What the -- ?!  HEY!!!  I'm the only one who gets to drive
>>this thing!!!"  Bongo yelps in surprise as Arden wrests
>>control of the truck away from him.  "Frost!  Ted!  Osiris!
>>Get this  pointy-eared nutcase off me before he gets us all
>>He attempts to land a furry punch on Arden's jaw, hoping
>>to knock the elf out -- or at the least, dislodge him from
>>the controls long enough for the others to drag him back
>>into the back.
>Bongo's shot isn't the best, but it manages to clip Arden on
>the side of the head, whipping it back and drawing blood.  The elf,
>however, does not remove its grip.
>>[Lady Frost]
>>Frost uses the sudden forward motion to propel herself
>>towards Arden.  Once there, she hesitates a moment
>>before grabbing him and speaking as calmly as she could
>>in  the chaos of the hovercraft.  "Arden, if there's a plan
>>here..  say something fast or I'm gonna have to take that
>>toy from you."
>>She was starting to think someone or thing had
>>possessed Arden, and didn't intend to kill them.  He had
>>told them to go to McGuane.  He was also the one that
>>hinted at them approaching themselves in the tunnel.
>>So she waited a moment, trying to see if he had an actual
>>plan, or if he was just losing it.
>>[/Lady Frost]
>A bloodied grin spreads across Arden's face.  "A plan...  Yes a plan..."
>The ground is approaching at a dizzying pace.  Bongo has, at best,
>seconds before the craft strikes the ground...
>In the distance, Kyle can still see the hovercraft in its dizzying spiral.
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