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April Mead kathayindreams at msn.com
Wed May 17 19:44:56 PDT 2006

Bongo, running as fast as he can, finally catches a glimpse of their 
abandoned days ago by his reckoning, but only yesterday in this timeline.
It is still well hidden beneath a large wall, with the sign "Gardens
of Enchantment"
still readable on it.  Fortune finally seems on Bongo's side as he sees the
vehicle is unmolested and his keen ears can detect Osiris's horse inside.

Angelica is not far behind Bongo, when, as she runs past what must have
once been a city park, now dark and dingy with vaguely menacing looking
trees, she hears shuffling from within and a faint voice call out 
Angelica...  Don't leave us, Angelica."  Though she has been with the
company only a short time, she swears that it sounds like the dwarf Rod


Wait! Do you hear that? It sounds like the Dwarf, Rod Black. Shouldn't we go 
check it out?"
Angelica turns towards the direction of the voice, but doesn't take off 
'till she get's a responce.


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