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OOC: Eric sent me the Osiris post.  Very glad to have him back!

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Looking out of one of the old broken windows at the crumbling enforcer
the old knight smiles at his handy work and takes up a position in the
ruined buildings with a nice view of the battlezone.

Scanning about the building he ids the entry and exit points just
incase he needs to make a quick get away and sets up a crude trip wire
to alert if anyone tries to sneak up on him.

Unslinging his trusty pulse rifle he looks through the scope at the
sky cycles and then at the ground troops that are heading towards his
companions. If the sky cycles give him an opening he will blast one of
them then he will load a plasma grenade into the tubes and hit the
ground of CS forces with it if they are close enough.

Osiris then keys his PTT "Bongo, Osiris here - what is your location
and status? over"
Then if he sees that Lady Frost needs help handling the ground troops
he will move in to help clean up.

Good to be back!!! even as an old man as some of the team nicely put it!

Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com> wrote:

OOC: Apologies for taking so long. I meant to get this out Monday,
but got bit with a very nasty stomach flu, and just feeling human
today. Was hoping Osiris's player would make his first post, but he
seems to have disappeared again :-( So I guess I'll be playing Osiris
a bit longer.

> > [GM]
> > Rod and Phaeton have not crawled out of the collapsed road. Ted and Arden
> > are lying on the road, when suddenly Arden jumps up, screams and a glowing
> > knife suddenly appears in his hand.
> >
> > "You shall die, so that you cannot serve She!" Arden shouts in a booming,
> > demonic voice, and then plunges the knife down...
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Put a sock in it," Ted yells, giving the elf a backwards leg sweep with the
> intention of knocking him down.
> [/Ted]

Arden manages to leap out of the way, blabbering insanely in what sounds like
some horrible demonic language.

> [Alex]
> The ex-Coalition Range decides to at least subdue Arden before continuing
> her escape. She fires a Neural disruptor grenade at him.
> [/Alex]

Alex's perfect shot easily hits Arden, knocking the crazed elf to the ground.
Arden foams at the mouth as he convulses from the effects of the grenade.

> > [GM]
> > Lady Frost strikes out at the approaching soldiers. Three are hit in rapid
> > succession, flying backwards from the power of Lady Frost's strike.
> >
> > A forth fires at Lady Frost, and Lady Frost is unable to dodge. The shot
> > hits her in the chest. Overhead the Skycycles, now identifying her as what
> > appears to be one of the primary targets, begins bearing down on her, while
> > the others chase after Kyle.
> > [/GM]

> [Lady Frost]
> It was a painful shot, but she'd taken worse and survived. Seemed like
> she always survived even when those around her didn't.
> Two bursts of cold leap from her arms and tore upwards towards the
> skycycles. Let's see how well they flew when they were coated in ice.
> [/Lady Frost]

Frost's first shot nails one Skycycle. It attempts to dodge, but is
caught easily,
and is too close to the ground to try to compensate, and crashes into
a building,
bouncing off of it before breaking up into several pieces.

The second Skycycle is slightly luckier. It gets struck by Frost's
icy blast, but
manages to maintain control sufficiently to keep from crashing.

> [Lady Frost]
> Just in case it doesn't stop them Lady Frost starts moving as erratically as she
> can and still be able to fight, using the nearby terrain as cover as she goes back
> to stomping the ground soldiers.
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Talas]
> Talas seeing the skycycle turn toward Lady Frost spends the 1 PPE to
> go MDC, while pulling out his AT-230 Particle Beam Rifle. And fires at
> the skycycle's driver.
> [/Talas]

The Skycycle, already weighted down by Lady Frost's ice, is incapable of
dodging, and Talas's shot hits it dead on. The shot, while not heavily damaging
the Skycycle, knocks it so severely that the pilot loses control and
crashes into
the ground, just barely missing Lady Frost.

> [Kyle]
> "Time to show theses Dead heads how to fly." Kyle hits his thrusters to get
> his to gain altitude and get a better angle of attack on the pursuing Sky cycle,
> and fires.
> [/Kyle]

Kyle's shot hits the pursuing Skycycle. The Skycycle continues its pursuit,
firing on Kyle.

> [Kyle]
> Kyle then drops to about three feet and stays close to the buildings using them
> for cover as best he can while taking shots at the sky cycle as long as he
> pursues.
> [/Kyle]

Kyle is not, despite his maneuver, able to brush off the Skycycle or
its fire, and it
hits Kyle.

> [Bongo]
> Meanwhile, the group's erstwhile Dog Boy is continuing to scramble towards
> the hover truck in an effort to get to it, get it running, and pick up the rest
> of the group so that we can make a break for it.
> [/Bongo]

Bongo, running as fast as he can, finally catches a glimpse of their vehicle,
abandoned days ago by his reckoning, but only yesterday in this timeline.
It is still well hidden beneath a large wall, with the sign "Gardens
of Enchantment"
still readable on it. Fortune finally seems on Bongo's side as he sees the
vehicle is unmolested and his keen ears can detect Osiris's horse inside.

Angelica is not far behind Bongo, when, as she runs past what must have
once been a city park, now dark and dingy with vaguely menacing looking
trees, she hears shuffling from within and a faint voice call out "Angelica...
Angelica... Don't leave us, Angelica." Though she has been with the
company only a short time, she swears that it sounds like the dwarf Rod

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