[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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Kyle sees the remaining Skycycle get hit, and veer off course  into a
building.  He now no longer has any pursuers.  He also  sees a rather
familiar-looking CS hovervehicle suddenly launch into the  air.

Meanwhile, Bongo has two signals come through on the  Hovervehicle's
comm.  One is a friendly voice "Bongo, Osiris here -  what is your
location and status? over."

The other is a much more  urgent voice.  "CS vehicle, we're under
attack.  Request your  assistance with rogue SAMAS and D-bees!"

Bongo also hears a somewhat  unhappy horse in the back.

"Throttle down there, Trigger..." Bongo mutters to the horse.  "Osiris  wants 
to see you too."
The urgent call from the CS troops brings a small grin to Bongo's  muzzle.  
There might be a chance yet.  Thumbing his comm, he summons  his best 
'official' voice.  "Roger that, gentlemen -- bug out of there as  fast as you can and 
I'll try to buy you some time!"
He noses the hover truck into a steep dive and skids to a halt between the  
CS troops and the rest of the group.
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