[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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[Lady  Frost]

A small smile hit Frost's lips as she heard Bongo's
attempted  bluff.  But she was still ticked.

"OK Bongo, care to tell me why  you people didn't
hightail it to McGuane like I said!?  Let's  get
moving.  Even I can't stop a bunch of missiles."

Glancing  back at the small group of passengers. 
"We've got people out there  still."

[/Lady Frost]

"I've done far too much leaving folks behind of late, darlin'..." Bongo  
growls as he frantically begins to maneuver the hover vehicle around -- partly  to 
get closer to the others and partly to make it harder on the CS troops to  
actually hit their target.
Glancing behind him to see how many people have actually boarded the  
vehicle, a pained expression crosses his muzzle.  "Looks like I may not be  done yet, 
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