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  Dashing up into the transport, Osiris helps Lady Frost to a chair and seeing one of the others help her with the wound he moves over to his faithful mount and pats it gently on the head. As Kyle's voice echoes through the hovercraft's cabin, the old knight flicks his face shield up showing a stern face worn by years of fighting and hardship. He heads up to the craft's main turret and mans the guns, hoping to give Kyle a hand...if the ship dosent have a turret then he will see if he can find any port holes where he can fire his rifle out from. 
  Talking to no one in particular the knight says "Well folks, if any of you have any tricks up your sleeves this would be the time to use it.....Bongo! U got any smart ideas partner?"

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[GM]  Oh, and no one seems to have acknowledged the  disappearance of Rod and  Phaeton yet...  [/GM]    [Ted]  OOC: It was noticed, but I have been busy dealing  with possessed elves the last few posts.    IC: Ted adjusts Talas on his shoulder and sprints  for the hover vehicle.  [/Ted]          

OOC:3 Questions Ted; How did I get on your shoulders?  And were did you leave Arden? And finaly does this  mean that you li8ke me more?  /OOC:    
It's the curse of the multiple elves I'm afraid.

Unless you actually want to be carried :-)

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