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[Lady Frost]

Frost stopped and turned to face Ted.
"_I'd_ better answer questions?  You aren't the leader
of this group.  Far as I'm concerned Bongo is.  You're
the newcomer.  You do what we need you to do or you
take a walk.  And you damn well don't demand answers
like that."

Then Talas began his charge, threatening to ruin any
chance of saving Phaeton.

"Talas, stop!  That won't help matters."
With a quick motion, Frost put up an ice barrier in
front of Talas.  It remained just long enough for him
to halt his charge, then dissipated.

"They want me, they've got me.  Talk to Ted, he knows
what's up."

Then she began her slow walk again.
"I hope."

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Talas swerves to keep from going head long into the ice wall, and then stops. Turning toward Lady Frost "Lady Frost, I will not fight you on this. But I believe what you are about to do is a grave mistake. Please reconsider."  Talas then Wight’s to see if lady frost does reconsider.

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