[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago RE-REVISED

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> [Talas]
> Talas with a slight smirk says, "Then Mr. Ted I
> accept
> your offer." And climbs onto Teds Back.
> [/Talas]
> [Ted - Correction]
> "Time to take this show on the road," Ted replies.
> With Talas on his
> back, he runs as fast as he can after Bongo and the
> others.
> [/Ted]
[Lady Frost]

Glancing back Frost sees the small creatures closing
on the hoverbike.

"Alex, keep going.  I'll catch up.  Can't let those
little monsters have that rider, no matter who he
works for."

At that, she let go of Alex's bike and spun herself
around with the grace of an ice skater, quickly
launching herself back the way they came.

It was as simple as that.  She knew those creatures
were evil little monsters, whereas that hoverbike
rider was just human.  Misguided and working for the
bad guys, but he was a person.  She just couldn't
leave him to die like that.
Brief visions passed through her mind of the first
time she'd encountered them, and what they'd been
eating at the time.  Determination kept her from
gagging right then.
[/Lady Frost]

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