[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIII - Of Prophecies and Visions - Resend

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Sun Aug 5 02:17:20 BST 2007

> >
> > "It was always my mission to seek for the Jewel of
> Vlykath.
> > That was why I was sent to Old Chicago in the
> beginning.
> > We never found it there, because this demon, this
> K'murd-faka,
> > had clearly found it.  The woman told me that the
> demon
> > seeks to destroy the Coalition, to bring about a
> new cataclysm
> > which will spread throughout the world, and into
> the Megaverse.
> > It is at Rath-Iren that he will do this.  I
> suspect that some of us have
> > a key to this puzzle one way or the other."
> > [/Osiris]
> >
At hearing this Talas softly chuckles to himself. Then
whispers under his breath "If a Demon Queller falls to
a demon, he shall take the soul of 10,000 demons with
him." Then to him self he thinks 'Now I know way
thoughts men in England were trying to stop me.'

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