[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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Mon Dec 3 20:37:11 GMT 2007

>> [Bongo]
>> Bongo smiles. "One of my trainers once told me 'You can kill
>> anything providing you've got enough bullets'. I suppose we'll see
>> if that's true. I just hope I can get one more night in a proper
>> bed before this is all said and done."
>> [/Bongo]

> [Alister]
> Alister chuckles, "Good ol' coalition training. Despite some of their
> failings, their training hasn't let me down yet"
> [/Alister]

Bongo gives Alister a sidelong glance, looks ready to say something, but 
seems to think the better of it.


 > [GM]
 > Despite this troubling incident, the rest of the evening goes on
 > without incident.  The waitress isn't seen again, however, and Max's
 > bright smile betrays a bit of concern.
 > As the meal is finished, Max comes up to the company.  "You're
 > more than welcome to stay here and enjoy the next show." he says.
 > "I've got your rooms prepared.  When you've got yourselves set up, I
 > have a thing or two I'd like to talk to you about."
 > [/GM]

>> [Ted]
>> Ted looked around at his companions and said, "Not to be a party
>> pooper, but I vote early to bed, early to rise."
>> [/Ted]

> [Talas]
> Talas looks at Ted and says "Mr. Ted you my be right. But one must
> learn to take advantage of life’s little pleasures when they present
> themselves. A good show could be most enjoyable."
> [/Talas]

> [Carlos]
> "Sometimes a little pleasure turns into a large pain."
> [/Carlos]

> [Sia]
> "I agree. And as there haven't been any objections, I trust you won't
> mind if I retire to my own apartment and join you all on your
> journey come morning. Unless," she adds to Max with a raised eyebrow,
> "there is something urgent that you need?"
> [/Sia]

Max gives an odd, strained look.  "Well, that is just the thing, m'lady. 
  Seems to me that if you have taken up with these strangers, then I 
think it does concern you as much as them."

> [Carlos]
> Carlos nonchalantly observes what's going on on the inn, ready for
> trouble.
> [/Carlos]

The room is becoming increasingly boisterous.  Four people; two female 
humanoid D-Bees with bright yellow skin and two human men, all of them 
dressed up like Ley Line Walkers, get up on stage, towing their 
instruments, the women with oddly-shaped seven string guitars (which 
match the number of fingers on their hands!) and the two men with some 
sort of synthesizers.

The MC, a squat, frog-like D-Bee jumps up on stage.  "Give a hand for 
the Outer Melvins, all the way from some hellhole in Old Kentucky!"

The crowd, looking amused by this odd group, whoop and holler.  The band 
immediately breaks into some sort of loud, three chord music.  The women 
start singing "My man, he done gone to Chi-town... Got himself all shot 
up... Now he's a cyborg...  And our love life's gone all to rot."

Other than that, and four grimy-looking man hunched over a table in the 
corner playing some sort of card game with a pile of credits in the pot, 
it seems like a largely harmless evening bar crowd.

Max is going around chatting up people at various tables, but keeps 
giving nervous looks towards the company.

"To every man fnording to his abilities."

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