[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once

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OOC:  Just a note, but the second part of my post,
Frost's description of about where they are, was in
response to Alex stating she 'didn't know where here
was'.  Placing it before Alex speaks throws it out of


Talas steps forward and begins to deposit his weapons
into the baskets. When it comes time to remove the 300
pound ammo drum from his back Talas pretends to
struggle with its weight. He then removes his armour
as well. To reveal the bright red robe that he’s
wearing under it. Talas then turns toward the Mayor
bows and says "Your Grace, I am Talas Leaf-Blade a
Demon Queller. It is an honor to make your
acquaintance. You honor us with your hospitality."
Talas then straitens up and stands aside to make way
for the others.

[Lady Frost]

"Sorry, I really can't put down my weapons, they're
sort of attached.  But I guess I can do this."

There is a slight shimmering as the ice fades away
from Frost, a sight once again unfamiliar to a few of
the group, leaving behind a rather attractive looking

"Not that this is much better since I'm still probably
stronger than anyone you know....."

Her sentence is cut short as the past few days of
activity catch up to her in rapid fashion.  She sways
a bit as exhaustion makes her lose her balance, only
managing to steady herself by grabbing Talas'

"Woah, still not used to staying iced this long.  Hi. 
You don't mind giving me a hand, do you Talas?"

[/Amanda Connors]

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