[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once

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For the most part, Alex will be quiet for the ride to the town. While in 
Texas an much warmer, her home is not unlike this one. Her family are 
generally simple folk. She just loved exploring and becoming a Coalition 
Ranger seemed to be the way to do it. She reflects a bit on Phaeton's 
final words. She knows little about demons.

When they reach the mayors house, the scarlet haired scout will hand her 
weapons to the Wolfen although she thinks he is a Dog Boy. It is 
humorous that even though she is the scout, she seems to carry more 
weaponry than anyone else (two rifles and a pistol). She doesn't see any 
need to ask any questions about his heritage. She will ask, "I don't 
suppose you have the equipment to recharge some energy clips or if there 
is an armorer in town for later." She sees no way of fighting these 
people and needs at least an evening of rest. She is also thinking that 
if she is going to survive with this group, she is going to need some 
help. She heard of techno-wizards enchanting armor.

She will grab her backpack and head inside once the others are ready as 
well. She will ask the host, "I don't really have any clothing which 
would fit any social setting. Do you have something I might barrow.

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
- Gnostic Saying

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