[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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Thu Jun 28 09:38:12 BST 2007

> [Ted]
> "We bring news only of war and unhappiness in
> distant places," Ted 
> answers. "As you can guess, each of us is
> conditioned in our own way 
> to the rigors of combat. Perhaps it would serve you
> better to share 
> with us your experience and we can fill in the
> details with what we 
> have seen."
> [/Ted]

[Amanda Connors]

Smiling at Osiris as he sat down, Amamda noticed the
opportunity to play tag team with Ted.  Clearly
something was up with Bruth.  He looked nervous around
Osiris, and half the team was getting ready to grill
him.  A little reporter's guile could be of some use

"Excuse me Mr. Bruth?  I'm not familiar with your
accent.  Could I ask where you're from originally?"

It was a trick she'd used with other colleagues
before.  He likely wouldn't want to answer Ted's
question, so she'd distract him with a harmless one. 
A little back and forth, and Bruth would be
unwittingly answering anything they cared to ask.

Now hopefully Ted would catch on.
[/Amanda Connors]

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