[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 28 22:38:52 BST 2007

> Each of the company are lead to a different room. 
> Each room has a
> double bed with fresh white sheets, a writing desk,
> chair and a dresser.
> Each room has a small bathroom with a toilet, sink
> and small bathtub.
> Oddly enough each bathtub is already filled with
> steaming water.  She
> leaves each member of the company to their privacy,
> though she can
> be heard moving about the rooms and singing to
> herself.
Talas takes off his backpack and reaches in to pull
out a neatly raped leather bundle. Talas then unties
the bundle to reveale a beutifuly and richly
embrodered set of silk robes that he sets out on the
bed. Talas then undresses and heads for the bath.

> The baths are heaven.  It seems that the days melt
> away as everyone
> soaks in such luxury.  Some almost half-expect this
> to be a dream or
> a trick, only to end with some horrible attack or
> another, but nothing
> comes of it.
> When they return to their rooms, they found clothes
> waiting for them,
> and all fit well.  For Talas a new red robe awaits,

After the bath Talas finds himself looking at a second
set of robes that his hosts have been kind enough to
set out for him. Not wishing to offend his hosts Talas
rapes up his fine silk robes and dresses in the robes
that have been felf for him.

> while for Alex and
> Amanda there are long flowing white dresses.  Bongo,
> Ted and
> Carlos find handsome silk shirts and comfortable
> lined pants.
> In the common room a blazing fire has been lit and
> two jugs of
> sparkling wine along with some bread, cheese and
> fruit have been
> set.  The old lady is nowhere to be found, though
> somewhere off
> in the distance her singing can be heard.

When Talas returns to the common room and sees both
Alex and Amanda he pauses a moment and then says "Lady
Alex, Lady Amanda the two of you are visions of utter
beauty". He then turns to Amanda and says "Lady Amanda
I know you ask me not to refer to you simply as
Amanda. But... I think this situation dictates
otherwise. Would you not agree?"

> The wine tastes of apricots and goes down smoothly,
> easing
> everyone's mood and taking away some of the trauma
> of the
> last few days.  Outside the sun is hovering low over
> the hills,
> and fills the lands around with a peaceful glow. 
> Even if it is
> only a moment's tranquility, it is much more than
> than anyone
> has had for what seems an eternity.  Some feel an
> overwhelming
> urge to sleep, and the comfortable chairs afford a
> good place to
> catch a few winks.  Even the strongest-willed soon
> find themselves
> in a warm, dreamless slumber, their burdens and
> sorrows
> disappearing for a spell.

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