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The Coalition ranger kneels down and lowers Phaeton to the ground and 
gulps air. She removes the helmet of himand checks for a pulse. If he 
has a life monitoring system on his armor, she will check that as well. 
She has first aid and can make some rough repairs although she is far 
from an expert. She takes a quick look at the the altercation and pulls 
off her helmet, revealing sweat  soaked red hair. If anyone can see her 
face, tears can be seen. First, half of them are killed and now they are 
fighting among themselves.

Troy Imlach wrote:

>Once the Altercation between Frost and Ted ends, Talas
>walks up to Ted to see if he is ok. Then looking at
>both Ted and the person who they just met he says "My
>good sir, Mr. Ted. We all have questions that need
>asking. But I fear most of them will have to wait
>until we can rest. As for Lady Frosts actions gust
>now. Pleas understand that She has just lost 3
>Friends, (4 if The Cyber knight is no longer with
>us?), in a very short time. It is something that is
>not easy for one to deal with. Please give her and the
>rest of us a little time." Talas then takes a step
>back, "Mr. Ted I do have one question that I must ask
>you. How resilient are you?" Talas asks while patting
>the P-Beam pistol at his side. "You are with out
>armour. Is that do to lack of need or lack of

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
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