[Taocow PBEM] Chapter X - The Stranger Continued...

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> > [GM]
> > Where doors are, rotting tapestries hang on the wall.  Some depict
> > scenes of wars, some of an obvious religious nature, each with a
> > faceless woman.  The one thing that is missing is an obvious entrance
> > to this passage Arden spoke of.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Well, Lady Frost, I think now would be an excellent time to share
> with us what you know," the lizard man said as he walked around the
> chamber looking for any signs that someone else might have been here
> recently.
> [/Ted]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos looks at the group and says, "I take it that you, Lady Frost,
> are the leader of this bunch?"
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "No," Ted stated bluntly. "But she and K'zul go WAY back. Isn't that
> right?"
> [/Ted]

> [Lady Frost]
> Without comment Frost whirls on Ted, grabs him by the throat, and
> slams him back against a wall.
> For a moment, she just glares at him.
> "That's twice you've demanded answers from me, rudely both times.
> There isn't going to be a third."
> She can't maintain her anger for long though, as weariness comes
> over her and she simply drops her arm, letting Ted go with no
> noticable injuries.  It's clear even to the two newcomers that
> the group's losses are weighing heavily on her.
> "Bongo.  What's next?  How do we get out of here without anyone
> else dying?"
> [/Lady Frost]

"Hey guys, come on!" Bongo says, barely bothering to mask the anger
in his voice slightly.  "We won't get anywhere attacking each other.
When we get out of here, you both have my permission to kill each

> [Carlos]
> Carlos says, "Perhaps we should search this place." Carlos will
> use any appropriate skills to search the room.
> [/Carlos]

> [Talas]
> Once the altercation between Frost and Ted ends, Talas walks up
> to Ted to see if he is ok. Then looking at both Ted and the person
> who they just met he says "My good sir, Mr. Ted. We all have
> questions that need asking. But I fear most of them will have to wait
> until we can rest. As for Lady Frost's actions just now. Please
> understand that she has just lost three friends,  in a very short time.
> It is something that is not easy for one to deal with. Please give her
> and the rest of us a little time." Talas then takes a step back, "Mr.
> Ted I do have one question that I must ask you. How resilient are you?"
> Talas asks while patting the P-Beam pistol at his side. "You are with out
> armour. Is that do to lack of need or lack of equipment?"
> [/Talas]

> [Alex]
> The Coalition ranger kneels down and lowers Phaeton to the ground and
> gulps air. She removes the helmet off him and checks for a pulse. If he
> has a life monitoring system on his armor, she will check that as well.
> She has first aid and can make some rough repairs although she is far
> from an expert. She takes a quick look at the the altercation and pulls
> off her helmet, revealing sweat  soaked red hair. If anyone can see her
> face, tears can be seen. First, half of them are killed and now they are
> fighting among themselves.
> [/Alex]

Alex does remarkably well, patching up Phaeton's most serious cuts and
bruises.  He has no medical equipment, but it is clear that he is suffering
some serious internal injuries.  She has stabilized him, but if he doesn't
get some serious medical care soon, he will, despite his phenomonal
True Atlantean constitution, likely die.  Somehow, it seems, his megadamage
body has been compromised.

While Carlos looks around, Bongo looks at Alex working on Phaeton and sighs.
"I dunno, Frost." he says.  "If that crazy elf was right, we've got to
find our way out of here.  I'm no fan of going underneath this city again,
but I don't think we have a choice."

Carlos's investigation leads him to the altar.  The woman's featureless
face seems to bore right through him.  A strange shimmering seems to surround
the statue's head.  As Carlos examines the altar, he feels a slight blast
of hot air coming from somewhere around it.

His examination is interrupted by the roar of engines from outside.  A
spotlight suddenly shines through one of the windows.  There's a loud boom
and a canister smashes through the window on to the floor, and in an
instant a white gas begins to spray from it.

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