[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XI - Dissension in the Ranks

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On 5/30/07, Aaron Corley <marjannec at netzero.net> wrote:
> [GM]
> The company arrives at the bare rock face.  The heat is now becoming
> insufferable again, and the noxious odors of the lava are effecting
> some of the party.  As they stand there observing it, with the sound
> of the Borgs continuing to dig, it almost seems that there is a
> shimmering in this rock wall, a very faint distortion.  It might be
> simply the heat and the fumes, or it could be something else
> entirely...
> [/GM]
> [Ted]
> *I think I see a door,* Ted informs the others telepathically, while
> shifting Osiris' weight on his back. Gingerly, he steps toward it and
> places his hand against the distortion.
> [Ted[

As Ted's hand reaches within a fraction of the inch of the wall, he feels
it pushed back with subtle but clearly powerful force.  For a moment
nothing happens, and then a telepathic voice pops into everyone's head.

"We are the Third Gate.  Some of you are recognized from the Master
Sequence.  Others are unknown to us.  The entity known as Phaeton
is recognized at 99.5 percent, but is incapacitated.  The one named
Osiris is recognized at 92.3 percent, but appears aged and infirm.
We also detect pursuers, identified with 96.9 percent surety as Coalition
Borgs, clearly in pursuit.  We also recognize the ones known as Ted
Smythe and Amanda Connors, each at 95.9 percent, though the
intradimensional data feed is currently malfunctioning, and the entity
named Amanda Connors appears somewhat distressed.  We shall
accept confirmation from those two, plus identification of the other
entities.  Please respond immediately.  We detect more Coalition
forces approaching at .15 kilometers, and we estimate that you have
no more than 49.3 seconds until the Borgs and their reinforcments
break through.  We estimate, based upon our entity scans, that in
the conflict to come, the likelihood of survival of any member of your
party to be 7.5 percent.  Wait... Wait...  We now estimate you have
41.7 seconds until the Borgs break through.  41... 40... 39..."

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