[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Alex Bayne hayden.bayne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 23:18:07 GMT 2007

> [Ted]
> "How do we know we can trust you?" the lizard man asked.
> OOC: Welcome aboard!
> [/Ted]

Sialillion appears vaguely amused and smirks.  "Really, I should ask  
the same of you all.  I don't think I could gather a more suspicious- 
looking motley crew if I tried.  Still, the King's orders dictate that  
I must speak to you all.  Ugul can vouch for me... or you could ask  
the King yourselves but he is a very busy man and I really don't think  
he'd enjoy being disturbed further.  But I assure you, many in  
Poughkeepsie know me as the king's advisor."   She looks significantly  
over at Ugul, then addresses the group again.

"I can even offer you... well, it is really best that we speak  
privately of it, but let's just say I have a couple items that will  
help you along your way."

> ooc: Alex is going to sense for emotions, what kind of emotions is she
> getting off of Sialillion?

I'm assuming that this is the psionic ability Empathy.  In any case,  
Sia fails her save [roll: 12]

As soon as Ted questioned Sia a bit of frustration flared up in her.   
But overall, Sia is much more excited than she lets on, and seems full  
of nervous tension, anticipation, and curiosity. She doesn't seem  
hostile, however.

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