[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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>> [GM]
>> As Bongo and Alex are talking, the door of the shop opens to reveal
>> a stunningly beautiful Elf woman. She is an extremely beautiful
>> elf, a bit on the short side at 6 feet tall. Her skin is extremely
>> pale, but her face is full of soft and lovely curves and angles,
>> and she looks more or less like a china doll. Her nose is slightly
>> upturned, and her eyes are large and a shiny green. A tentacled
>> tattoo can be seen creeping up her neck, ending just behind her
>> right ear.
>> Ugul turns away from Ted and Osiris and bows. "Lady Sialillion. How
>> good of you to grace my humble establishment. How may I help you?"
>> [/GM]

 > [Sialillion]
 > "Greetings Ugul, it is a pleasure as always.  However, my business
 > today is not with you, but with these travellers."  The woman elf's
 > voice is quiet and lyrical, and her tone has a calming and meditative
 > quality.  She speaks American with a charming Elven accent.
 > [/Sialillion]

Ugul bows, but there's a faint glint of animosity in his eyes.

> [Sialillion]
> Sialillion's appearance is rather striking and ominous at the moment,
> as not only is she covered in a long black cloak neck to toe with a 
> hood covering her head and obscuring her eyes, but she also has a 
> raven perched on her shoulder. Without so much as a caw, the bird 
> flies into the shop and sets down on a high beam. Then Sialillion 
> follows the crow inside, pulling back her cloak hood as she does so. 
> Her long coal black hair is done up and back with pins, and ringlets 
> fall down around her face and shoulders, framing her face prettily. 
> Her ears come to a delicate point at a slight angle away from her 
> face, and her eyes shimmer sea green in the light. Despite her 
> somewhat unnerving entrance, she really is a very beautiful woman.
> "I am Sialillion, an emissary of the King. I know of you, and your 
> plans. It is necessary that we speak privately."
> [/Sialillion]

> [Ted]
> "How do we know we can trust you?" the lizard man asked.
> [/Ted]

[Amanda Connors]
"Indeed." Amanda says.  "Your king hardly seemed thrilled by our plans."
[/Amanda Connors]

Bongo continues browsing the shelves, but one eye is on the elf.

> [Alex]
> Alex looks at this new elf, slightly jealous at the beauty of an elf.
> After a moment, she turns towards the merchant, "Is there any chance
> I can get you to hold onto the force field generator for me?"
> [/Alex]

"With Lady Sialillion's leave." Ugul says, opening up a locked cabinet 
and pulls out a N20-A.  "This is about 70,000 credits.  If you want the 
integral one, you will have to give me your armor, and I'll fit it with 
the field.  Unless you have someone else who can do it, in which case 
I'll wave the installation fee and it will cost you 77,000 credits."

> [Sia]
> Sialillion appears vaguely amused and smirks. "Really, I should ask 
> the same of you all. I don't think I could gather a more suspicious- 
> looking motley crew if I tried. Still, the King's orders dictate that
> I must speak to you all. Ugul can vouch for me... or you could ask 
> the King yourselves but he is a very busy man and I really don't
> think he'd enjoy being disturbed further. But I assure you, many in 
> Poughkeepsie know me as the king's advisor." She looks significantly 
> over at Ugul, then addresses the group again.
> [/Sia]

"Indeed," Ugul says, looking up from helping Alex with force fields. 
"She is high in the King's council.  I hear our August Majesty always 
enjoys her disturbances."  He gives a beatific smile and then returns to 
helping Alex.

> [Sia]
> "I can even offer you... well, it is really best that we speak 
> privately of it, but let's just say I have a couple items that will 
> help you along your way."
> [/Sia]

"Well then, m'lady," Bongo says finally, "let us finisih re-equiping 
ourselves and then we'll find a nice place to talk.  Two of our 
companions are elsewhere at the moment."

> [Sia]
> As soon as Ted questions Sia a bit of frustration flares up in her. 
> But overall, Sia is much more excited than she lets on, and seems
> full of nervous tension, anticipation, and curiosity. She doesn't
> seem hostile, however.
> [/Sia]

The old cyberknight smiles gently.  "You must forgive our caution, Lady 
Sialillion." he says.  "We have been through so many things.  There are 
those that seek us to aid us, but there are others..."


>> [GM]
>> Alister walks into Ballymoor's Floating Tours and Magic Devices and
>> Repair. It's a large but cramped store, with TW items sitting 
>> disorganized on a dozen shelves. Above a buzzing ball scoots 
>> around, stopping briefly in front of Alister, changing bright
>> yellow, and then zooming off to the back of the store.
>> Out hobbles a rather handsome woman, in aviator's hat, who puts
>> down a small box with several wires and a couple of rubies.
>> "I'm Essa." she says. "Mr. Ballymoor's away today. Mage or 
>> psychic?"
>> [/GM]

> [Alister]
> Alister chuckles "a bit of both I guess. You see, I am a
> technowizard." with that he winks. "There may not be much that I
> need. I was hoping you also sell spells on the side as well as
> devices. Personally I'm kind of looking of increasing my repetoire of
> spells, but I have companion who may be in need of a few devices, and
> not have the time required for me to manufacture them. and aside from
> one most of them would be psychic, if anything at all." glancing
> around he adds. "Might be an idea to get together a selection of
> items for them to peruse along the lines of protection. maybe give me
> a rough estimate as to price as well"
> [/Alister]

The young woman looks angrily at Alister.  "Get... some... things... 
together...  What do I look like, a slave?  Over there is TK stuff, over 
there magical stuff, and over there, self-contained stuff.  Oh yeah, and 
in the corner, a few enchanted blades, not strictly TW stuff, but 
y'know.  A better idea, why don't you tell me what you're looking for?"

>> [Talas]
>> Talas follows Alister into the Magic shop. And asks him "Mr.
>> Alister, if you were able to make me one of these magical forc
>> fields what would you require of it?"
>> [/Talas]

> [Alister]
> Speaking in a low tone, in a slightly reprimanding voice Alister
> replies "Depends how soon its needed. If it's needed right away I
> recommend purchasing something they have here. If its something that
> can wait, we can discuss it later, as its bad form to discuss such 
> things in a place of business, sort of like bringing your own food to
> a restaraunt"
> [/Alister]

The girl turns to Talas.  "Well, then, what do *you* want?  Are you 
psychic, or just a pain in the ass?"  Despite the obvious hostility, 
there's a bit of a smile when she looks at Talas.  When she looks back 
at Alister, there's no smile, however."

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