[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 15 00:05:44 GMT 2007

> [Sia]
> Sialillion has a rueful smirk on her face as she
> exits the shop.  She  
> looks up, a bit startled to hear her name called
> out, and comes to  
> attention as Major Pournelle points Talas and
> Alister out to her (and  
> vice versa).   She approaches the two of them with a
> somewhat blustery  
> and officious air.
> "Ah, good, I was afraid I might have to track you
> two down.  I am  
> Sialillion, emissary to the king.  Greetings."  She
> curtseys slightly.
> "And hello to you, kindred," she adds to Talas in
> Elven, with a nod  
> and a smile.  Her accent is difficult to place.  It
> is an odd brogue,  
> somewhat rough and suggestive of the working class. 
> It is certainly  
> not the courtly dialect of Elven that her station
> would suggest, but  
> then this is a human kingdom.
Talas gives a deep bow and says in Elvish "It is a
pleasure to meet you my Lady." Talas's own accent is
completely unrecognizable to Sia.

> "I must speak with your group privately on a matter
> of utmost  
> importance," she continues in American.  "I've
> already spoken to your  
> comrades, and they have agreed to come speak with me
> as soon as they  
> are done," and at this last word a pause and a
> slight smirk again,  
> "shopping."  She chuckles to herself slightly.   It
> is unclear what  
> exactly she finds amusing about the concept.
> [/Sia]
> [ooc]
> As an Elf, Talas would also notice straight away
> that Sia is quite  
> young by Elven standards.  Adolescent, really.  In
> typical Elven  
> society, this would be a girl in the midst of her
> apprenticeships,  
> certainly not any kind of royal emissary.  But
> again, this is a human  
> kingdom.
> [/ooc]
Not to be rude. But about how old would that be?

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