[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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> > [Talas]
> > Talas watches Alister walk out the door and then
> turns back to the girl
> > and with a smile "It was a pleasure meeting you my
> Lady." And then turns
> > to follow Alister.
> > [Talas]
> [GM]
> The young woman looks genuinely surprised, but just
> stands there as Alister
> and Talas walk out the door.
> As they walk out on to the street, Alister and Talis
> see Major Pournelle still
> standing there, and a beautiful Elf come walking out
> of the weapons store, and
> look at them with some recognition.
> As for Sialillion, she sees the Elf and the
> bald-headed Technowizard, and
> recognizes them immediately from the King's report.
> Major Pournelle sees them.  "Ah, Lady Sialillion,
> these are the other
> two members
> of the party; Talas and Alister.  What seems to be
> the problem, has
> that miserable
> young girl chased you out?  She's not much of a
> conversationalist, though I'm
> told she's a skilled technowizard."
> [/GM]

doubting he will be able to prounce the name with any
ease, he meerly smiles and nods a greeting at
sialillion, then says tot he major " she didnt seem to
be interested in doing the work necisary to make a
potentially big sale. as to her abilities, I wouldnt
know. she didnt seem interested in presenting me witha
 selection of merchandise in preparation for the
arival of the rest of us." alister sighs and says
"looks like i just have to do more work myself."

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