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>> [Alex]
>> "The price is a bit uncomfortable but I think I can swing that 
>> amount. I have a little skill with the installation of electronics
>> and such systems myself. If I expected to be here a little longer
>> than I think is likely, I would offer you my services as an
>> assistant to help with repairs," Alex responds.
>> [/Alex]

> [GM]
> Ugul sighs. "A skilled technician would be a great asset. If you 
> decide to stay here, and you can do the job, I could use you."
> When Ugul receives Alex's payment, he takes out the force field, puts
> it in a box, and hands it to her. He then looks up, "Can I help
> anyone else?"
> [/GM]

>> [Bongo]
>> Bongo looks at some heavy Deadboy armor. It's a bit rough looking, 
>> painted camouflage green, and needs some modifications to fit his
>> body.
>> "How much?" Bongo asks Ugul.
>> [/Bongo]

>> [GM]
>> "It's in good condition." Ugul says. "50,000 credits, plus 8,000
>> for the modifications."
>> [/GM]

>> [Bongo]
>> Bongo looks at Alex. "Think you can fit this to me, Alex?"
>> [/Bongo]

> [Alex]
> "Fitting armor is relatively easy. Worked in the armory of the base 
> before I became a fugitive and got pretty good at fitting armor and 
> servicing and repairing weapons," Alex responds. "Beside, us renegade
> CS have to stick together
> [/Alex]

"Amen!" Bongo says.  He hands the dwarf his payment and awkwardly grabs 
the armor and his E-clips.  "That's it for me!" he says.

> [Carlos]
> Carlos has been observing all of the proceedings, hoping someone 
> could assist him in purchasing some equipment. Some armor, rifle, and
> grenade would be nice.
> [/Carlos]

Once everyone has bought what they need and exit the shop, they see 
Sialillion talking to Alister, Talas and Major Pournelle.

>> [GM]
>> As for Sialillion, she sees the Elf and the bald-headed
>> Technowizard, and recognizes them immediately from the King's
>> report.
>> Major Pournelle sees them. "Ah, Lady Sialillion, these are the
>> other two members of the party; Talas and Alister. What seems to be
>> the problem, has that miserable young girl chased you out? She's
>> not much of a conversationalist, though I'm told she's a skilled
>> technowizard."
>> [/GM]

> [Sia]
> Sialillion has a rueful smirk on her face as she exits the shop. She 
> looks up, a bit startled to hear her name called out, and comes to 
> attention as Major Pournelle points Talas and Alister out to her (and
> vice versa). She approaches the two of them with a somewhat blustery
> and officious air.
> "Ah, good, I was afraid I might have to track you two down. I am 
> Sialillion, emissary to the king. Greetings." She curtseys slightly.
> "And hello to you, kindred," she adds to Talas in Elven, with a nod 
> and a smile. Her accent is difficult to place. It is an odd brogue, 
> somewhat rough and suggestive of the working class. It is certainly 
> not the courtly dialect of Elven that her station would suggest, but 
> then this is a human kingdom.
> [/Sia]

> [Talas]
> Talas gives a deep bow and says in Elvish "It is a pleasure to meet
> you my Lady." Talas's own accent is completely unrecognizable to Sia.
> [/Talas]

> [Sia]
> "I must speak with your group privately on a matter of utmost 
> importance," she continues in American. "I've already spoken to your 
> comrades, and they have agreed to come speak with me as soon as they 
> are done," and at this last word a pause and a slight smirk again, 
> "shopping." She chuckles to herself slightly. It is unclear what 
> exactly she finds amusing about the concept.
> [/Sia]

> [Alister]
> Doubting he will be able to pronounce the name with any ease, he
> meerly smiles and nods a greeting at Sialillion, then says to the
> Major "She didn't seem to be interested in doing the work necessary
> to make a potentially big sale. As to her abilities, I wouldn't know.
> She didn't seem interested in presenting me with a selection of
> merchandise in preparation for the arrival of the rest of us."
> Alister sighs and says "Looks like I just have to do more work
> myself."
> [/Alister]

Major Pournelle shrugs his shoulder.  "The old man is much better.  I'm 
afraid there's no laws against grumpy merchants."

> [Sia]
> Sialillion stands around and absently feeds worms produced from 
> somewhere inside her cloak to the crow perched on her shoulder.
> [/Sia]

Major Pournelle turns to Sia.  "I'm under orders to find these people 
accomodations for the evening.  It's the King's command that they leave 
the city tomorrow morning, so we'd best get them some rooms.  I expect 
you have much to talk to them about."

With that Major Pournelle leads the company down the road to a rather 
tasteful brick building, well-kept, with bright gas lights illuminating 
a sign "The Traveller's Retreat c. 77PA".  A wide wooden door leads into 
a high-walled tavern, brightly lit, with two large fireplaces at both 
ends, roaring and inviting fires in both.  There are at least thirty 
tables, with nearly a hundred people inside, enjoying a show where a 
pretty, red-skinned alien woman sings while a four-armed lizard man 
plays impossible chords on a grand piano.

A tall man, dark-eyed with scars across his face, wearing a white apron 
comes up and bows to Sia.  She recognizes him as Max Stein, former 
adventurer from Europe who has owned the Traveller's Retreat for the 
better part of a decade.

"Lady Sialillion," he says in a thick German accent, "you grace my doors 
far too infrequently.  Come come, I will get a table for you and your 

Major Pournelle interjects "That's all very good, but these people need 
rooms for the night.  The King's paying, but don't let that get you 

"Of course not, Major, of course not." Max says.  He looks at the 
company.  "I haven't seen such a group since my own journeying days.  No 
doubt some great adventure afoot.  Ah well, come and sit down, drinks on 
me, and I will get Brunhild to prepare your rooms!"

He quickly pushes together two tables so that everyone can sit down, and 
before anyone has had a chance to catch their breath, he and two serving 
girls are coming up with large mugs of a rather dark-looking ale.  "I 
insist you have some of our local ale.  Best to be found south of Lazlo 
they say!"

Major Pournelle shakes his head.  "I must be on my way.  I will be here 
at 6am to escort you all to the boat.  So get plenty of rest tonight." 
With that he turns and leaves.

The ale is thick but not too strong, and very fortifying.  A meal of 
roast beef, potatoes and gravy follows, a simply, hearty and delicious 
meal.  If anyone pays the company any attention at all, most of it is on 
Sialillion, who gets deferential nods.

As the company eats, they see two people in thick fur coats walk in. 
They're hooded, so their faces cannot be seen, but one of them stares at 
the company for an uncomfortably long time, his green eyes oddly visible 
beneath the shadows of the hood.  The other speaks to one of the 
waitresses for a long time, before Max takes notice and begins walking 
towards them.  The one cloaked figure quickly disengages from the girl, 
though the company notices that a gloved hand lingers on her arm for a 
moment longer before they leave.  Max seems satisfied and walks away, 
but the girl has a peculiar look on her face and she lets the empty tray 
in her hand fall aside and she walks towards the kitchen at a brisk but 
almost mechanical pace.

"To every man fnording to his abilities."

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