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> > Not too many posts here.  I'm going to give
> everyone
> > one more chance
> > to buy what they need and then we're going to move
> > on.
> > 
> [ooc]
> Talas still needs to find out what Alister needs to
> put Armour of Ithan on his armor. or if it will be
> easier to buy it from the shop we just left.
> [/ooc]

yeah tw info int he books isnt much helpful. just
finished going though the books, and doesnt mention
much about material components to adding magic to
armor.  the price listed in the book is quite hjigh so
I am asumong that however it is done has some pricey
stuff in it, that or it is a time costly procedure

are you wanting it added to your armor, or would you
rather a separate device?

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