[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 06:44:17 GMT 2007

> [Bongo]
> Bongo smiles.  "One of my trainers once told me 'You
> can kill anything
> providing you've got enough bullets'.  I suppose
> we'll see if that's
> true.  I just hope I can get one more night in a
> proper bed before
> this is all said and done."
> [/Bongo]

Alister chuckles, "good ol' coalition training.despite
some of thier failings, thier training hasnt let me
down yet"

ooc: in case it hasbnt been mentioned before alister's
armor looks to be of coalition make, but seems to be
of an slightly different disign than what one would
have seen

> > [Sia]
> > Sialillion murmurs to herself in Elven, "As I
> thought," following the
> > strange bit of song.  She turns towards Alister
> and responds in
> > American, "You are quite sure of yourself,
> Technowizard.  Perhaps
> > you'd be interested to know that the wench behind
> you is under
> > the influence of a domination spell, likely
> perpetrated by the two
> > cloaked men who took such a keen interest in us
> earlier.  Or does
> > your bravado make you immune to vibroknives to the
> ribs and
> > similar subterfuge?" Then to the rest of the
> group, with quiet
> > intensity, "Everyone be on your guard."
> > [/Sia]

Alister nods and says " yeah without even using magic
I had assumed that the girl was put under some
influence of unnatural design. but as to the knife to
the ribs, vibro or no. the trick to that is just not
being where the knife goes."

> [GM]
> Despite this troubling incident, the rest of the
> evening goes on
> without incident.  The waitress isn't seen again,
> however, and Max's
> bright smile betrays a bit of concern.
> As the meal is finished, Max comes up to the
> company.  "You're more
> than welcome to stay here and enjoy the next show."
> he says.  "I've
> got your rooms prepared.  When you've got yourselves
> set up, I have a
> thing or two I'd like to talk to you about."
> [/GM]

after max leaves alister whispers "thats what i was
waiting for."


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