[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 1 20:01:39 BST 2007

> The company walks around the side of the Mayor's
> house and down a wide
> alley that lines the back of the shops you saw the
> day before.  Ahead
> lies the river, and the large dock with many boats. 
> At the end of one
> of the wharfs is a large speed boat, heavily armed
> with rail guns and
> mounted energy rifles.  The Prince is waiting there,
> along with the
> Mayor, who looks very hung over and very angry.
> "You!" he shouts, pointing at Talas.  "Defiler of my
> daughter!  Who
> will marry her now, now that she's been sullied by
> a... a... common
> drunken rascal.  If you ever come back to my town,
> I'll cut you up and
> use as bait."
> The Prince tries to hide a smile, and in a passingly
> good serious tone
> interjects.  "Now now, Mr. Mayor, I'm sure their
> evening was as
> between lady and gentleman.  We must not delay.  My
> father is anxious
> to meet these people, so you'll have to wait some
> time to cut any of
> them up."
"My good Mayor His highness is correct. And you should
be ashamed to thing so low of your doughter." And with
that Talas walkes past the mayer and onto the ship
with not so much as a sidways glance.

> The Mayor shakes his head, but when he sees Alex and
> Lady Frost, he
> suddenly becomes demure and charming.  "Ah,
> m'ladies.  Such beauty
> comes here so infrequently.  I expect you back here
> for a dinner
> before you leave the kingdom.  Not one of those
> dull, tired social
> affairs with wizards and advisors and..." he adds
> with a hateful look
> at Talas... "rogues."
> The party board the ship with Major Pournelle, and
> he shows them where
> to stow any of their belongings.  A whistle blows
> and within a minute
> the boat starts moving from the dock.  Soon enough
> the boat is heading
> up the river, the snow-covered countryside whipping
> by.
"I mush admite things are quite different in this land
than in China. In China I would be veiwed in the same
manner as a Cyberkight is. Back in China men of power
would be offering me their daughters."

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