[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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> > [GM]
> > After Major Pournelle leaves the king stands up and looks out a tall
> > window, on to the river below.  "My family has ruled this land for
> > nigh on three hundred years, in one form or another.  We weathered the
> > hells of the Apocalypse, the nightmares of tyrants demonic and mortal,
> > and somehow managed to build a little enclave of civilization in a
> > land of desparation and madness.  For many decades we have kept a
> > peace of sorts, through vigilance and alliances with neighboring
> > rulers."
> >
> > "Now the name K'murd-faka is heard again, a name that still makes
> > children cry and old women tell their tales.  My son has informed me
> > that you might be going into the dreaded Southlands.  Is this true,
> > strangers?"
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> "It is true your highness. We have come to stop the evil that grows in the land."
> [/Carlos]

"That was what I was afraid of." the king replies, shaking his head.

> [Ted]
> The lizard man looked around, hoping to get a better view of the temple. While a
> direct approach might seem the most logical in this case, he wanted to make sure
> he did not miss anything that might come in crucial later on.
> [/Ted]

The temple is surrounded by a wall of stone perhaps fifteen feet high.
 There is a single gate visible, made from ornately cast iron bars.
There are four guards, in full armor with red capes and helmets with
dragon emblems on them.

Within the walls there are a few outbuildings.  The temple itself has
only one visible entrance, golden doors, polished to mirror-like
perfection.  They are flung open and a trail of white smoke can be
seen exiting.  Four more guards stand at attention.  Beyond that
nothing can be seen.

> [Ted]
> "Perhaps you could give a brief tour of your community, Your Highness," Ted
> suggests with a slight bow.
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> "I too am interested in seeing the community." Alex says.
> [/Alex]

The King sighs.  "It seems to me that I have but two choices here; to
let you go and hope that you get killed off by any number of dangers
besides an avenging demon, or, on the other hand, to keep you here
until I can be sure you cannot cause us any trouble.  You have
committed no crime that I am aware of, and I am nothing if not a man
who believes in the law.  Still, the law must at times take a second
place to the public good."

"This is my judgement then." the King says finally.  "You may spend a
day and a night here.  You may replenish your supplies as you see fit
from the market.  Tomorrow morning at dawn you will board a boat, and
will leave the kingdom.  The Cyberknight may stay if he wishes, for
his order are well-beloved here, and he is an old man, and I will not
have it said that I put out an old man to die.  To keep an eye on you,
I will send someone whose loyalty I trust."

Osiris bows.  "I thank you, Your Highness, but old and crippled as I
may be, my place is with my friends."

"As you wish." the King says.  He presses a button on his desk.
"Please send Major Pournelle and Father Kurtis in."

The Major and the priest walk back into the room.  "Major Pournelle,
these people wish to see the city.  You will escort them."

Major Pournelle bows.  "Yes, your highness."

The King then turns to the priest  "Father Kurtis, you and I have
things to discuss.  The rest of you are dismissed."

Major Pournelle urges the company to bow, and then leads them outside.
 "Well, you're not in jail, which was what the Prince thought might
happen, so you should be happy.  So tell me, where would you all like
to go?"

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