[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 13:59:35 BST 2007

> > [Alex]
> > "I could use some repair on my body armor. I wish
> I could get one of
> > those fancy Naruni force fields so it stops being
> damaged. Either that
> > or one of those fancy magical ones. Don't happen
> to have a techno-wizard
> > that might be willing to help with something like
> that. 
> > [/Alex]


alister looks over at alex meaningully and coughs


> [Osiris]
> "Well, I've got a bit of money and some other
> stuff." Osiris says.
> "I'm sure we can get enough together to re-equip
> ourselves."
> [/Osiris]

" soiris is right. I am sure amonst us we can scrape
up enough to make sure everyone has at least the
rudiments of equipment.  to have less than the
rudiments on anyone of us can be detrimental for all
of us" alister then sizes up ted and says " you arnt
exactly build for normal armor though. you a spi or a
mage of any sort? I may be able to rig something if
you cant find armor to fit"

> [GM]
> Major Pournelle looks at the company for a moment. 
> "Very well, to the
> market it is.  If you follow me."
> The Major leads the company out of the keep and down
> the road.  Now
> walking, the company gets a better look at
> Poughkeepsie.  It is a busy
> town, filled with houses, shops, pubs, an arena, a
> number of small


> Finally they reach a part of the road lined with two
> storey buildings,
> containing various shops.  One is named "Ballymoor's
> Floating Tours
> and Magic Devices and Repair - 89 PA".  Another, a
> few doors down, is
> called "Ugul's Weapons and Armor".
> "Well," Major Pournelle says, "here we are.  Once
> your done with that,
> we should find you a place to spend the night."
> [/GM]

alister looks to see if any of the shops looks to be
the kind that may have a spell or two available. if he
spots one he will make a note to visit it afte
everyones geared up. Alister heads towards the tw shop
saying "Im gonna head intot his shop first. never know
may get an idea or two for my next project"


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