[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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>> [Alex]
>> "I could use some repair on my body armor. I wish I could get one
>> of those fancy Naruni force fields so it stops being damaged.
>> Either that or one of those fancy magical ones. Don't happen to
>> have a techno-wizard that might be willing to help with something
>> like that. I could use a recharge and some replacement grenades and
>> pump pistol ammo" Alex shrugs. She is not sure that jail would not
>> be safer at the moment
>> [/Alex]

> [Alister]
> Alister looks over at Alex meaningully and coughs.
> [/Alister]

> [Alex]
> The red hair ranger turns towards Alister, "Can you help?"
> [/Alex]

> [Alister]
> "I was sure I covered this during introductions. I am a technowizard,
> so probably yes. so long as I have a supply of gems, assorted wiring,
> assorted electronics and other gadgets."
> [/Alister]

> [Alex]
> "Sorry but if you knew what I have been through, you would be 
> distracted as well," Alex closes her eyes for a moment and shakes her
> head.
> The ranger looks back up at him, "If you can help with such an 
> enchantment on my armor, I would be grateful."
> [/Alex]

> [Alister]
> "Are you a psychic or mage? If so it's a fairly simple matter to
> attend. If not, it makes it complicated and time consuming, but not
> necessarily beyond my abilities... But time is a precious resource we
> don't have in plentiful supply. I think the time is best spent making
> sure everyone is up to par, which means we should take a census as to
> who can readily use TW items and what everyone is lacking, to best
> make us stronger as a team."
> [/Alister]

> [Ted]
> "Why does it matter?" Ted interrupted. The lizard man did not realize
> that, unlike conventional magic items, in order to use
> techno-wizardy, a person had to expend their own magic or psychic
> energy through the device. "Although I do think we should spread
> things around to maximize the combat effectiveness."
> [/Ted]

"Well, I can use TW items." Osiris interjects.  "Oh, and Ted, TW items 
are either designed for those that can access mystical forces or have 
some psychic ability.  I don't think you're a mage, but if you are 
psychic, then you can use TW items designed for that."

> [Talas]
> Upon hearing Alex's question to Alister, Talas becomes quite
> intrigued. Ever since Talas got to Europe he has heard people speak
> of these Techno-wizards, But he was unsure if one of them could help
> him in his fight against daemon kind. And now there was one right in 
> front of him that just might be able and willing to help him.
> [/Talas]

> [Alex]
> "I am a psychic, I can sense danger sometimes and I can feel the
> moods of those around me. I cannot read thoughts or anything like
> that though," Alex responds. "Techno-wizards sometimes came by my
> father's farmhouse. He sold us batteries that would last a year
> without recharging. We always hid them when patrols of dog boys came
> by."
> "I have heard that some can be powered by the mind although I don't 
> know if I am strong enough to charge one. After I departed Coalition
> under terms I don't wish to discuss at this moment, I looked at maybe
> getting techno-wizard modifications but never had the credits."
> [/Alex]


>> [Osiris]
>> "Well, I've got a bit of money and some other stuff." Osiris says.
>>  "I'm sure we can get enough together to re-equip ourselves."
>> [/Osiris]

> [Alister]
> "Osiris is right. I am sure amonst us we can scrape up enough to make
> sure everyone has at least the rudiments of equipment. To have less
> than the rudiments on anyone of us can be detrimental for all of us."
> Alister then sizes up Ted and says "You aren't exactly built for
> normal armor though. you a psi or a mage of any sort? I may be able
> to rig something if you can't find armor to fit."
> [/Alister]


>> [GM]
>> The market itself is like a miniature version of bazaars found in 
>> bigger cities. There is a whole section of two dozen stalls selling
>> everything from clothing from "distant, ancient Japan" to
>> pre-Rifts artifacts like baseball cards and compact discs featuring
>> such giants of ancient music as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls.
>> The company's mouths water at the smell of cooking both familiar
>> and strange.
>> Finally they reach a part of the road lined with two storey 
>> buildings, containing various shops. One is named "Ballymoor's 
>> Floating Tours and Magic Devices and Repair - 89 PA". Another, a
>> few doors down, is called "Ugul's Weapons and Armor".
>> "Well," Major Pournelle says, "here we are. Once your done with
>> that, we should find you a place to spend the night."
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man hangs back from the group, knowing he has no money,
> but could use some armor or a sword, if any one felt charitable.
> [/Ted]

Osiris sees Ted melt into the background, and he hobbles over.  "Come my 
friend." he says.  "I have a few credits, and the needs of a Cyberknight 
are few.  I'll share what I can with you."

> [Alister]
> Alister looks to see if any of the shops looks to be the kind that
> may have a spell or two available. If he spots one he will make a
> note to visit it after everyone's geared up. Alister heads towards
> the TW shop saying "I'm gonna head into this shop first. Never know 
> may get an idea or two for my next project."
> [/Alister]

Alister spies a magic shop; "Retgar's Mystical Emporium" a few doors down.

> [Carlos]
> "Perhaps there are some benevolent locals who don't wish to see
> demons invade their land, and would be willing to help supply us."
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "I am all for asking, Carlos, but I doubt they can afford the kind of
> weapons and armor we will need."
> [/Ted]

> [Carlos]
> "If they don't have them, they don't have them. I guess that's the
> best we can do. But if we don't get any help, then we're not to blame
> when their land gets ravished."
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "Unfortunately, it is the one's who do not have the resources that
> end up getting their lands ravished," the lizard man replied. "That
> is why people like us must take a stand for them--whether they can
> equip us or not."
> [/Ted]

"Indeed," Osiris says as he leads Ted towards Ugul's Weapons and Armor. 
  "that is a central credo of the Cyberknight.  At times we must even 
save people who don't truly deserve it, or refuse to recognize the danger."

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost follows Ted and Osiris to the weapon's shop.
[/Lady Frost]

Bongo follows as well.  "I could use some more E-clips." he says.

I don't know where Carlos, Alex and Talas are going to go.  Alister is 
going to the magic shop.  I'll assume that the other three follow 
Osiris, Ted and Lady Frost into the weapons shop, and if they'd rather 
go somewhere else, they can pipe in.

St. Pierre seems a little torn as Alister heads to the TW shop while the 
others go to Ugul's Weapons and Armor.  In the end, he opts to into the 

Ugul's Weapons and Armor is a medium-sized shop, featuring five aisles 
with various attachments, e-clips, cleaning equipment and the like for a 
variety of weapons.  All of the weapons themselves are in display cases, 
and include a decent assortment of energy weapons, ballistic weapons and 
ancient weapons.

The one wall is covered with body armor, mainly from North American 
sources, though there are a couple of Triax models.  There are brand new 
items as well as refurbished armor.

The prices are about ten percent higher for new equipment than one might 
find in Chi-town or some other large center, and used and refurbished 
equipment works out to around a twenty-five percent savings.

A large ogre, with bulbous nose and arched, primitive brow, stands guard 
at the door with some heavily modified Deadboy armor and a rather nasty 
looking railgun.  An older Wolfen, grey muzzle, leaning heavily on a 
cane, comes over.

"Welcome to Ugul's Weapons and Armor." he says.  "I am Ugul.  How may I 
help you?"


Alister walks into Ballymoor's Floating Tours and Magic Devices and 
Repair.  It's a large but cramped store, with TW items sitting 
disorganized on a dozen shelves.  Above a buzzing ball scoots around, 
stopping briefly in front of Alister, changing bright yellow, and then 
zooming off to the back of the store.

Out hobbles a rather handsome woman, in aviator's hat, who puts down a 
small box with several wires and a couple of rubies.

"I'm Essa." she says.  "Mr. Ballymoor's away today.  Mage or psychic?"

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